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Our mission is to provide a positive, fun, and high energy environment for a physical fitness experience for all levels of exercise.


Through a low impact, high intensity workout, our clients will have the time of their lives while burning calories and improving their all-around physical and mental well-being.



Jumping® is a dynamic fitness training system, conducted on specially developed Jumping® PROFI trampolines. Jumping® was born of the idea of developing a training program, that would considerably strengthen body and mind while keeping fun in mind.

The basis of Jumping® is a combination of fast and slow jumps, variations of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and ”power sports” elements. The complexity of the exercises guarantees that one’s whole body will be strengthened. 


Jumping is a very unique exercise and it brings something different, while being challenging and entertaining as well.  Jumping is three times more effective than jogging and involves more than 400 muscles working at the same time.  It is a great high-intense training, which releases a tremendous amount of endorphins after the class.  The benefits of rebounding itself are known as a great way to improve your overall health.  The intensity of our program simply multiplies all those effects, giving you the best workout ever!!



The Jumping® PROFI Trampoline

The Jumping® PROFI Trampoline was created for the ultimate workout over a one-year development phase involving extensive testing. Its construction and shape were carefully selected and extensively tested in order to allow a complicated compromise between strength, size, safety demands, design and the need for freedom of movement during training.


Heart Rate Monitor System by Performance IQ

  • Offers performance display in any group fitness environment

  • Obtain accurate Heart Rate and Calorie information

  • Automatically sends email after each workout with performance results and calories burned



My passion for helping others through fitness has been a turning point in my life.  I know the struggles that individuals can face and it takes determination to work past them.  We're ready to assist our clients in making a positive lifestyle change.



Over the past decade, I developed a passion for fitness and received my personal training certification 3 years ago.  Being able to work with people, motivate, encourage, and help them reach or start their journey towards improving their current level of health and wellness is gratifying.  The pursuit of overall good health enhances our quality of life and it's fun as well as rewarding to share the experience with others.

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Our Address:

3162 Johnson Ferry Rd. #130

Marietta, GA 30062




5AM- 8PM M-T 

5AM - 12PM F

9AM-2PM Saturday

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